Wasteland 2: My head explodes like a blood sausage

If you were born after 1980, the above graphic probably doesn’t mean much to you.

To me, its a big deal. A really, really big deal. The original Wasteland came out in 1988 as the first post-apocalyptic RPG game. Every RPG back then involved wizards and dragons, but no, not Wasteland. Instead of swords and fireballs, you had M1989A1 Nato Assault Rifles and rocket launchers. I immediately loved this game.

And now there’s a sequel.

Earlier this year Brian Fargo, the creator of the original Wasteland game and head of InXile Entertainment, announced a Kickstarter project for Wasteland 2. Tens of thousands of people donated nearly three million dollars, over triple the project’s intended goal. So that pretty much means it’s going to happen.

I think InXile is looking to bring back old school RPG. The game will be party-based with a top down or isometric view and feature turn-based, tactical combat. I can’t express how happy I am to hear this. All too often, it seems whenever a game is remade, developers have to slap on a first person perspective and dumb it down for the masses with consoles. I applaud you on this one Mr. Fargo.

Unfortunately, I must say that I have some concerns about the new Wasteland 2 game. InXile’s 2004 remake (or whatever the hell it was) of Bard’s Tale wasn’t one of my favorite games and seemed more of a cash-in on the name as it had little to do with the original series. Ok, from what I understand, Electronic Arts still owns the rights to the original Bard’s Tale so InXile couldn’t use any of the material, but what the hell? Spoof or not, why call it Bard’s Tale if its not actually related to the series?

Brian Fargo has some serious work ahead of him. How do you live up to the weighty expectations of 24-year-old game’s sequel. That’s a long time to wait and we all saw what happened to Duke Nukem Forever. The game is still in extremely early development stages, I’ve only see artist renditions so far. Hopefully soon we’ll be treated with some screen shots or maybe a video. Until then, all we can do is wait and look forward to one day being able to reduce things to a thin red paste once again.

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