Wasteland 2 First Screenshot

InXile has released a screenshot of Wasteland 2. Our first taste of what the game will look like features a band of characters facing a Scorpitron in the upper right of the screen.

I encountered this on the Commodore 64 eons ago and the ensuing battle reduced my characters to a thin red paste.

One lonely screenshot is just a sickly little bite of what’s to come. It looks just like I imagined it would with an isometric view, gutted cars and repurposed buildings and shacks. I have hopes of a completely interactive environment where you can climb up on the gas station roof for a better shot or blow up a wall or car that an enemy is using for cover. We’ll have to wait and see, but unfortunately it’s going to be a long wait. Last I heard, it’s not coming out until late 2013.

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