Watchdogs has some Serious Bite

Ubisoft threw down one hell of a gameplay video featuring their upcoming game Watchdogs. It’s a cyberpunk, stealth/assassin game that’s one part GTA, one part Dues Ex and one part friggin awesome.

The game boasts open world gameplay where you can do such fun things as peek into bystanders personal information, hack electronics and other cybercrimes, sneak/distract, and your usual GTA staples of people-beating and car stealing. There’s even a slo-mo bullet time moment but I can’t tell how that’s actually integrated into the game.

Check out the video:

The hacking appears to be a major part of the game with such novelties as shorting out everyone’s cell phones to create a diversion or messing with traffic lights to cause a multi-car pile-up. I can see that being a whole lot of fun in other situations.

It’s obvious that a third person shooter needs to have good graphics but Watchdogs are some of the best I’ve seen. The cut scenes are particularly grand. It looks like games are finally reaching that point of realistic facial expressions and acting.

The end of the video pans out to another character that was watching all the action unfold. It’s confirmed that this is actually another player. Ubisoft’s multiplayer version of the game has other players co-existing in the environment, performing their own objectives and crossing paths. This sounds awesome but I can see bored pricks causing issues with other people’s games.

Unfortunately, there’s no release date for the game at this time…ouch.

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