The Meaning of Half-Life:
Old Game, New Graphics

Back in 1998 in the era of Doom and Duke Nukem, Half-Life came on the scene and blew the hell out of everything. It was a revolutionary first person shooter that actually had a story, and a great one at that. It was the first game to have scripted events that took place right in the middle of the action and created some truly immersive game play. Let’s not even get started on the modding community which it practically invented. This game spawned Counter Strike and Team Fortress.

You owe it to yourself to play this game, however time is not kind to games of the 90’s and Half-Life is not as pretty as she used to be. Seriously, look at these graphics. Have no fear though, a total conversion to Half-Life 2’s Source Engine is in development called Black Mesa. Check out their website for more information:

To top it all off, the new Half-Life will be free, you just need to own a Source game. Nice.

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