Mann vs Machine:
No Room for Cowards

First, I have to say that the Mann vs Machine Co-op is pretty damn fun. I’ve been dedicating some serious time lately to fending off hordes of mechanized menaces. To keep us all hooked, Valve has added two more tours of duty Operation Oil Spill and Operation Gear Grinder.

My one criticism though is fighting through several waves of robots only to have rage-quitters and cowards drop from the game. We hit a particular rough spot and one or two of our six person team jump ship and pretty much doom the rest of us. Sometimes new people join in and sometimes everyone else drops leaving you to face 100+ robots by your lonesome. Evidentially, I’m not the only one upset about this. It’s become a big enough issue to provoke Mr. Hale, the fictional bad-ass, big cheese, to issue out a penalty notice.

Valve will now penalize repeat offenders by placing them in low-priority matchmaking pools, thus increasing the wait time to get into the next game. The system protects you from legitimate connection failures and vote-kicks. However, idle-kicks will count against you so stock up on your Cheetos and Mountain Dew before you begin a tour.

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