Team Fortress Halloween 2012:
Merasmus and the Zombies

And now we know. For this years Team Fortress Halloween update, we will be battling the soldier’s arch-rival and former roommate Merasmus in a King of the Hill style map named Ghost Fort. There’s a “Wheel of Fate” that rolls on every control point capture. The results are a range of game altering effects such as: big heads, low gravity, super jump, super speed, and my personal favorite, “dance like thriller”. Magic spells will also randomly drop and do such things as shift item colors, summon ghosts and light footsteps on fire. No sign of raccoon involvement though.

We also get a second Man vs Machine map featuring zombies. It was only a matter of time before zombies came to a Team Fortress Halloween and they seem perfect for the onslaught style map.

Here’s a video of Merasmus’s map, Ghost Fort. Look out, spoilers ahead!
We defeat him in this:

Hey, did you know “merasmus” is a form of malnutrition involving protein deficiency? Well, now you do.

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