Hold on to your Hats,
Team Fortress Halloween 2012
is coming

That time is here again. Valve is preparing for their Annual Halloween Event. First there was the ghost of Zepheniah Mann on the Harvest map, then the Horseless Headless Horsemann in Mann Manor and last year we had Monoculus on the Eyeaduct map. Who knows what this year will bring but it’s just about guaranteed to feature a new monster, new hats, a new map, and possibly new weapons.

As usual, hints and secret messages are starting to appear on the Team Fortress Blog. You’ll notice that the Spy isn’t looking too well. Clicking on him brings up an interesting newspaper clipping about WizardCon and Merasmus the Magician. Merasmus happens to be the guy who summoned Monoculus from last year’s event. What the hell could he be up to now?

I lack the patience or ingenuity to comb through HTML code and analyze cryptic messages to figure it out so I’ll wait for someone else to.

Stay tuned.

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