Team Fortress 2 now featuring Sleeping Dogs stuff

I was worried that once TF2 became free to play, the folks over at Valve would slow down on updates and new items. I happy to say that’s not the case.

In honor of the release of Sleeping Dogs, new items have been added to the mix. Several classes can wear some new threads with gold chains, a dragon tattoo or a daredevil helmet. The Scout gets a throwable cleaver as a new secondary weapon. The pyro gets a neon sign weapon that crits wet players for a change. The Spy gets a pair of nose glasses and nifty new sapper that deconstructs engineer buildings instead of just blowing them up. And my favorite weapon of the update is the Heavy’s new spy-repelling minigun that creates a ring a fire around him. Now the pyro isn’t the only unit that can defend engineer buildings or new capture points.

Oh and there’s a new map called Kong King.

Check out Valve’s page for more information:

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