Skyrim – Dragonborn DLC:
Friggin Dragon Mounts

Dragon Mounts.

What else do you really need to know about the new Skyrim DLC, Dragonborn.

Dragonborn takes us to the island of Solheim off the shores of Morrowind. We’ll get to see some Dunmer (aka Dark Elf) architecture as well as new towns, shouts, creatures, landscapes and quests. Oh, and Dragon Mounts.

We’ll be visiting Oblivion once again too. This time at the greenish Apocrypha, home of Daedric Prince of Knowledge and Memory, Hermaeus Mora. Evidentially, every Deidric Prince has his own color scheme. I hope we’ll have some sort of interaction with him. The Eldar Scroll lore mentions that he appears as either a void or a mass of tentacles. Hopefully, he’ll be more impressive than the Wretched Abyss cameo he made in Skyrim.

Bethesda released a trailer showing off some highlights of the new expansion. Check it out:

Here’s some screenshots too:

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