Skyrim: Crimes Against Nature Mod

I beat skyrim. I became bored of it. Bored of being the badass who could single-hit kill many a foe. But every so often a mod will come out that will draw me back to the game. This is one of the those mods but maybe not in a good way.

Crimes Agaisnt Nature is pretty unique and the name says it all. What mods do you know of that allow you to play as a kitten in a man suit? Or ride a human-skinned horse, which incidentally wins my thanks-for-the-nightmares award. There are 4 new “races” to choose from, each having a summonable “thing”, a human-horse, and voice-overs with President Obama. Sold.

Check out the Steam Workshop page for the full details:
Crimes Against Nature

Here’s a video of all the fun too:

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