Shadow Warrior is now Free-To-Play on Steam


Wow, here’s and oldie but a goodie. Back in 1997, Shadow Warrior came on the scene as a supped up Duke Nukem. They both shared the same Build engine but Shadow warrior added a lot features you didn’t see in games back then.

It’s a classic 90’s FPS where you blast 100’s of enemies with a variety of weapons. Shadow Warrior included Japanese-themed weaponry such as shurikens and a bad-ass katana that puts Doom’s chainsaw to shame. You also get the generic weapons: uzi’s, shotguns, etc. Oh and a rail-gun. It also featured the first appearance of sticky grenades in an FPS and to mix things up, you could use the heads and hearts of certain enemies as weapons. A lot of this weaponary had secondary fire modes which was a new premise back in the 90’s. I almost forgot about the turrets and tanks you could mount.

Lotta neat stuff huh?

Anyway, it’s free now and you can download it on steam.

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