Set Your Sights, Far Cry 3 is coming

Beyond the pretty graphics and tripped out, revenge-laden story, Far Cry 3’s weapons and customizations look awesome. There are a wide range of weapons that can be modified to fit your play style such as explosive arrows for you bow or a silencer for your handgun. Stealth and silence look like one viable option of play but this game doesn’t seem to cater to those who like to be non-lethal. Personally, my inner sociopath gets annoyed at games that offer better rewards for taking the moral high road.

And then there are tattoos that modify your abilities. For instance, there’s the spider tattoo that increases your stealth, assassination and ambush abilities. That’s a interesting take on the sci-fi ability cliché prevalent in today’s shooters and RPG’s. Bioshock has plasmids, Dishonored has supernatural abilities, Mass Effect has biotics…and Far Cry 3 gets magic tattoos. It looks cooler than it sounds.

Far Cry 3 is coming out December 4th and is taking preorders.

Check out the Weapons trailer below.

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