Nine Hats To Be Retired From Team Fortress

In two weeks, Valve will be permanently retiring 9 hats from Team Fortress 2 for the first time ever. If you already have them, you get to keep them but they will no longer be sold in the store. No more random drops, no more unboxing as unusuals, and no more crafting…gone, gone, gone.

Each class is losing a rather old hat. Some of these were the first hats to become available. Here’s a list:

  • Scout’s Batter’s Helmet
  • Soldier’s Stash
  • Pyro’s Beaning
  • Demoman’s Fro
  • Heavy’s Football Helmet
  • Engineer’s Mining Light
  • Medic’s Prussian Pickelhaube
  • Sniper’s Trophy Belt
  • Spy’s Fancy Fedora

I’m interested to see how this effects the value of these guys. Farewell soon-to-be-limted-edition hats, it’s been fun.

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