New Heart of the Swarm trailer is out

Soon...very soon.
Two weeks… Just two more weeks before Heart of the Swarm is released. Blizzard of course, released a new trailer. It’s a mash up of the previous ones with some new stuff sprinkled in so it’s definitely worth the watch. Unfortunately, it just makes the wait all that much more intolerable.

Check it out here:

I like to say that I’ve become quite thrifty in my game purchasing. I won’t buy a game unless it’s on sale at Steam, Amazon or GOG. Only in extreme instances will I shell out the bucks for a new release. The last time I bought a game off the store shelves was for Diablo III. The time before that was for StarCraft II. And in two weeks, I’ll be doing it again.

Good-bye spare time. I’ll see you in a month or two.

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