Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC is now available

The latest DLC for Mass Effect 3 is available today. Bioware touts that Omega is the largest DLC to date featuring 4 missions, new teammates (including Aria and a female Turian) and of course new enemies. One of which is a Cerberus Reaper thing called an Adjutant. Sounds bad ass.

Taking place before the final events of Mass Effect 3, Shepard teams up with Aria T’Loak to help her retake the infamous Omega station a la asteroid. There’s also an additional story line involving the female Turian mercenary leader, Nyreen Kandros, fighting to free the enslaved people of Omega.

Some negativity has surfaced concerning the Omega DLC from people who have already beaten the game since it doesn’t have any impact on Mass Effect 3 endings. It’s sort of a Directors Cut of removed material from the original Opus. But hey, it’s some more back story to a great game for $15.00.

You can get Omega here for $15.00

And here’s the official trailer:

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