Krieg is Coming – Borderland 2’s Sixth Vault Hunter

At the Pax East Panel, Gearbox announced more information on the upcoming DLC and 6th playable Vault Hunter. His name is Krieg, he’s a Psycho melee class and his special ability involves bashing people with his Buzz Axe. The axe can be thrown too for hard to reach victims.

As with other Vault Hunters, he comes with 3 Skill Trees. These are BloodLust – gives you boosts as you deal damage, Mania – increases your damage when you take damage, and Hellborn – involves fire damage and setting yourself on fire.

The video below shows off one of his skills called “Light the Fuse”. This is part of the Mania tree and replaces the “Fight for your Life”. Instead of the usual method to get a Second Wind, Krieg pulls out a bundle of dynamite and chucks sticks at enemies. He can also do a suicide blast. It’s a nice little change from the usual “Fight for your Life”.

Here’s some gameplay provided by IGN:

The DLC also includes a 4th playthrough called Ultimate Vault Hunter for those of you who tore through the True Vault Hunter Mode and 2.5. The level cap will raise to 61 and new Pearlescent gear will be available that start at level 51. Good times.

Krieg will run $10 (not included in the Season Pass) this May and the new Ultimate Vault Hunter DLC Pack will be $5 (free for season pass holders) available April 2nd.

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