Grab your Power Claws, Space Hulk is coming to the PC

Games Worshop announced that a new Space Hulk game is in the making. It’s being developed by Full Control and will feature turn-based strategy similar to the table top game. That sounds promising since Space Hulk is an awesome table top game but who the hell is Full Control?

Unfortunately, not only does the trailer barely give out any details of the game, but the graphics are circa 2000. This worries me as Games Workshop went through a disastrous period in the late 90’s with a bunch of god-awful pc titles released under their flag. These games included the first Blood Bowl, Warhammer: Shadow of The Horned Rat, and of course, the first Space Hulk.

Personally, I don’t care for any of the Game Workshop PC games prior to 2004. Then THQ finally did the Warhammer universe justice and released the Dawn of War series.

Anyway, here’s a link to the website to stay up on the latest news:

And here’s the incredibly disappointing trailer:

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