Every Dog Gets Its DayZ

DayZ’s next big update will feature dogs. I’m not sure how I feel about having our four-legged friends in a zombie apocalypse. A lot of questions come to mind… What can the dogs do? Do they respawn? What happens to the dog when you die. I have enough problems keeping myself alive, never mind a canine cohort.

I imagine being decked out in a gillie suit, under a bush, and completely camouflaged while my damn dog is just sitting there in the wide open, completely ignorant of the fact. He might as well be holding a sign that says “Owner in this bush”. However, it would be great to be in the same situation with a dog standing guard, thwarting anyone from sneaking up on you. I can also see packs of bandit dogs roaming the countryside and mauling helpless survivors while their owners look on from the safety of a treeline.

Here’s the video:

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