Eldar Scrolls Online Gameplay Video

Bethesda released some actual gameplay footage of their upcoming MMORPG: Eldar Scrolls Online and it looks quite impressive. The game will take place 1,000 years before the events of Skyrim and includes just about everything from the previous Eldar Scrolls games. Not only can you travel all over Tamriel (personally, I’d love to check out Morrowind), you can also get perks such as becoming a werewolf or vampire.

Gameplay combat will feature the standard Eldar Scrolls style of mouse clicking instead of timed hotkeys as seen in WOW. You can select one of nine races which includes Breton, Redguard, Orc, Nord, High Elf, Wood Elf, Dark Elf, Argonian, and Khajitt, pretty much everyone from the the previous games.

There is a PVP aspect of the game as well that revolves around 3 different factions fighting for control over Cyordiil, the capital province in the series. Battles include a ton of players and involve sieges, trebuchets and all that good stuff.

They plan to run the entire game on a single server. This is great in that you can always find your friends and don’t have create new characters on shard servers where all the fun happens to be at. However, I’m concerned about lag and downtime if our whole wide world will be playing at a single location. How do you deal with overpopulation too?

From the looks of things, Eldar Scrolls Online may be the World of Warcraft killer. It’s got the background, graphics and depth to do it.

Check out the video:

You can check out Eldar Scrolls Online’s website for the lastest and greatest.

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