Diablo III v1.0.4: Now with 100-Level Paragon Goodness

Diablo III 1.0.4 Patch adds some major updates to the game. Most notably is the new 100-level Paragon system that kicks in after Level 60. Each Paragon level increases your core stats, magic find, and you get distinctive border around your portrait for every 10 levels gained.

Legendary Weapons have been updated to be more… legendary. Their DPS has been increased and they can now include unique perks, like the ability to summon an angel or leaving fire in your wake. Nearly all the classes’ spells and abilities have been upgraded to be more powerful too. All this makes me want to revisit my Witch Doctor whos been on vacation for the past couple months.

Check out Blizzards page for the full details of the patch:
Official Patch Page

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