Diablo III First Expansion: Reaper of Souls

Angel of Death... Good Luck.
Hey remember Diablo III? Sorry, it doesn’t do it for me. The replay value that Diablo II has just isn’t there. I do love the world and storyline so I’ll most likely get this anyway.

Here’s some cool new stuff we get and check out the awesome gameplay video too:

  • New Act and monsters of course
  • New Playable Character – the Crusader (like the Paladin)
  • Cap Increase to Level 70
  • New Final Boss, his name is Malthael – the Angel of Death
  • Something called Loot Runs for the end game
  • The paragon system no longer has a cap!?

Here’s a damn awesome Blizzard-y CG teaser:

And here’s some gameplay featuring the new character:

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