Dead Space 3:
Gameplay Footage, Booga Booga

EA and Visceral games put out a new trailer for Dead Space 3 with 17 minutes of gameplay footage and some stellar action sequences that top the previous two games. It looks like this game will feature more action and suspense but they still manage to throw some horror in there.

Isaac, the poor bastard that he is, gets separated once again from his crew and has to wander yet another derelict spaceship alone. This one however is hundreds of years old with new necromorphs running around. What’s scarier than necromorphs? Zombie Necromorphs… Anyway, the new graphics and lighting are amazing. I especially like how Isaac’s mask casts a green illumination over surfaces he’s looking at. That combined with his flashlight create a barrage of moving shadows that would have me empting clips into innocent lab tables.

Check out the video:

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