DayZ Standalone:
Undead Interior Design

Rocket posted on the DayZ Development Blog today that his team is hard at work fleshing out interiors on ALL the buildings in Chernarus for the standalone version of the game. That’s a lot of buildings. I wonder if this will include the Chernogorsk International Hotel. That thing is large enough to have it’s own damn game.

I love the idea but so many buildings can have a very negative effect on the zombie threat. Interiors bring those tear-assing undead to a mere shamble and more buildings mean more ways to shake the poor bastards. I hope there are plans for zombie behavior enhancement in the future to compensate for this.

And what a way to breathe life into dead areas (no pun intended) of the game. Now that smaller towns will have more than one or two searchable buildings, I wonder if the major cities will not be as critical as they are now. A hospital is a hospital though. And there’s nothing like finding an M16 on the floor of a firehouse.

Let’s not forget about a whole new slew of tactics to look forward to. Snipers will get thousands of new camp spots to squat in. Ambushes can come from anywhere. No longer will we have that certain comfort running through city blocks with no “live” buildings. Imagine doing that same run where potential threats can be lurking any one of the windows or doorways in any one of the buildings down the entire street. How’s that for paranoia. It’s a good thing you’ll have your best friend with you.

Rocket plans to have the standalone alpha available in November. Good Luck sir and I look forward to it.

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