Can You Handle Hyperion’s Bane?

It’s been said Borderlands 2 features zillions of guns. A claim I believe has some validity to it. And somewhere out there in the wastes lies a little, unique bugger called “Hyperion’s Bane”. At first glance, it’s a fine gun: 200% weapon accuracy, 331 damage, firing increases accuracy and Corrosive damage….what’s not to like? Then you fire it.

Gearbox are some sadistic bastards. They made a pretty damn nice gun but added the worst firing sound I’ve ever heard in a game. Here’s a video of the complete quest. If you want to hear the abomination in action skip to 20:20.

Yeah, that’s pretty bad. Oh yeah, and you can barely move when it’s equipped. The gun comes in multiple flavors with varying elemental damage type and stats, so far I’ve seen Energizing, Hot Button, Base and Rightsizing.

So, where can you find the Hyperion’s Bane? It’s the reward for the aptly named Level 24ish quest “The Bane”. The quest pops up on an ECHO recorder of some dead guy along side Moxxxie’s in Sanctuary. From there it takes you through Dust and Lynchwood. If you haven’t been to Lynchwood, you may want to do the quest during your stint there since you run to both ends of the map.

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