Bethesda’s Heartwarming Gesture

You Rock Bethesda!
A month ago, Redditor lb-Cyber wrote a brief post about how Skyrim helped him through a very tough time in his life. His sister passed away after battling cancer for 9 years and Skyrim gave him an outlet to help deal with the grief of the tragedy.

Skyrim’s immersion can give you that break from reality that everyone needs once in a while. Especially when something horrible happens.

Well, Matt Grandstaff of Bethesda Softworks saw the article and reached out to lb-Cyber’s for his mailing address. Not long after, he received a Skyrim Art Book signed by the whole team at Bethesda and a letter expressing their condolences for his loss.

I think that’s awesome. It’s great to see a huge company like Bethesda reach out to the gaming community with an act of kindness.

Here’s a link to lb-Cyber’s post.

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