Batman: Arkham Origins – New game, New developer

BigPics-Batman-Arkham-OriginsThe latest Game Informer cover features the third installment of the Batman Arkham series due out this October. Batman: Arkham Origins takes place prior to the first games and introduces Batman to his future nemesises, nemesiss, nemesii, nemesis’s. There’s no villian list right now but I’m sure some heavy hitters will be there. I hope to see some new faces too so we’re not fighting the same gang from the first two. The cover does feature Deathstroke, a pretty cool villian/anti-hero and top-secret experimental army super-soldier. Where have I heard that before…

BigPics-Batman-Arkham-Origins-DeathStrokeThe new game has a new developer, Warner Bros. Games Montreal instead of Rocksteady. Hopefully they’ll stick with similar game mechanics to the first games and maybe throw in some new features. Warner Bros. Games Montreal made the Arkham City Wii U port and Eric Holmes is running the show, who was the lead designer on Prototype.

Here’s a trailer that’s all talkie and no gameplay:

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