A Real Live Portal 2 Turret

Gaming Heads, the guys that created 13 inch Team Fortress 2 statues, are releasing a working, 16 inch tall, Aperture Sentry Turret. Calm down, it flashes lights instead of bullets.

This little guy is cast in high quality poly-stone (whatever that is) and features a motion sensor that lights up the red eye. The exclusive version also has in-game sound effects including turret activation, search, auto search, and tipped over audio samples.

The exclusive model runs for $329 and only 350 are being produced in the world. Due out June 25th, 2012, check out Gaming Heads Site for more information.

2 thoughts on “A Real Live Portal 2 Turret

    • Thanks man, I missed that. I pulled the vid until I can find a cool Gaming Heads one. I’ll have to write an article about Weta Workshop, their turret looks pretty damn sweet.

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