Wasteland 2 Gameplay Video

InXile released a gameplay video of the upcoming Wasteland 2 and damn it looks good. They’re doing a grand job of bring back some old school mechanics. The text box is back, much like the original game it describes the game world and works in conjunction with your characters’ perception skill. The video features an independently controlled 4-character party, turn-based combat with hexagonal tiles, and an adjustable camera instead of a fixed isometric view.

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Wasteland 2: My head explodes like a blood sausage

If you were born after 1980, the above graphic probably doesn’t mean much to you.

To me, its a big deal. A really, really big deal. The original Wasteland came out in 1988 as the first post-apocalyptic RPG game. Every RPG back then involved wizards and dragons, but no, not Wasteland. Instead of swords and fireballs, you had M1989A1 Nato Assault Rifles and rocket launchers. I immediately loved this game.

And now there’s a sequel.

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