Far Cry 4 Reveal and Gameplay Videos

BigPic-Farcry4-elephantsFar Cry 4 is coming. Now we have some videos to check out. I’m digging the new mountain setting that adds a whole vertical element to the game. Thankfully, they added a grappling hook so you can’t get stuck trying to go up where you think you can go up. This pissed me off in Far Cry 3, especially when being chased by a bunch of guys armed with assault rifles. Elephants are the new tigers. Except they’re bigger..and badder and clear entire camps. Vehicles are all the more fun with drive-and-shoot and driving takedown abilities so you’re no longer a restricted to just driving while driving. Looking damn good.

Check out the vids.
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Far Cry 4 Announced!

Far Cry 4

Ubisoft has announced Far Cry 4 coming this November. Damn, I didn’t even finish Far Cry 3 yet. Above is one of the first images. This time you’re in the Himalayas facing a “despotic self-appointed king” who happens to look like a Swedish swinger. I betcha he has a German accent.

I’m sure Ubisoft will be releasing more info soon on their blog.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – Like Totally Radical

On April 1st, Ubisoft announced a complete overhaul, stand-alone expansion for Far Cry 3 called Blood Dragon and it bears no semblance to the Far Cry series. It’s an 80’s retro-vision of the future complete with synthesizers, neon lasers, Chrome lettering and cyberspace grids. As the plot goes, you play Sergeant Rex Power Colt — voiced by Michael Biehn, the good guy from Terminator — who has to save the world from a cyborg army called Omega Force. Oh yeah, and there are giant Blood Dragons that shoot lasers from their eyes. Seriously.

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Set Your Sights, Far Cry 3 is coming

Beyond the pretty graphics and tripped out, revenge-laden story, Far Cry 3’s weapons and customizations look awesome. There are a wide range of weapons that can be modified to fit your play style such as explosive arrows for you bow or a silencer for your handgun. Stealth and silence look like one viable option of play but this game doesn’t seem to cater to those who like to be non-lethal. Personally, my inner sociopath gets annoyed at games that offer better rewards for taking the moral high road.

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Far Cry 3: Explosions and Fire and Bears, Oh My!

Far Cry 3 is coming. December 4th to be exact. Ubisoft released a new video showcasing some more eye candy. We get to see the disastrous potential of a flamethrower and plenty of explosions and fire. Fire looks exceptionally fun in this game. Oh, and of course we see people getting mauled by the local fauna…alligators, tigers and bears.

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Crytek CryEngine 3 Tech Demo and a Tessellated Toad

Cyrtek released a tech demo of their new CryEngine 3 which will be featured in both Far Cry 3 and Crysis 3. These are some fine looking games. Way back when, I remember looking at cut scenes and intros thinking that one day we’ll play games that look like this. Well, that day has arrived.

Check out the Tech Demo below:
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Watchdogs has some Serious Bite

Ubisoft threw down one hell of a gameplay video featuring their upcoming game Watchdogs. It’s a cyberpunk, stealth/assassin game that’s one part GTA, one part Dues Ex and one part friggin awesome.

The game boasts open world gameplay where you can do such fun things as peek into bystanders personal information, hack electronics and other cybercrimes, sneak/distract, and your usual GTA staples of people-beating and car stealing. There’s even a slo-mo bullet time moment but I can’t tell how that’s actually integrated into the game.

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Far Cry 3 Gameplay:
Taste the Colors…

The latest gameplay demo of Farcry 3 is chock full of death-dealing carnage that should sate your inner bloodthirsty gamer. Ubisoft gives us a tour of a jungle that’s more impressive than Crysis’s, as our character dispatches foes with knives, bows, guns and even a tiger. It looks like the game will have plenty of twists and surprises via scripted events. There’s even some psychological mayhem complete with a drug induced hallucination reminiscent of Max Payne’s dream sequences.

As a forewarning, there’s some unnecessary female nudity in the beginning but I’m sure you’re not complaining.

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