Big Ass Boss of the Day:
MACE, Intrusion 2

Spoiler… This is actually the final boss of the game.

Intrusion 2 is created by indie developer Aleksey Abramenko. It’s a platformer game reminiscent of the Metal Slug series. The final boss is huge and features a battle that you don’t see in many games. I don’t recall ever playing a game where the boss bites a level apart in an attempt to get to you. MACE attacks you and any architecture you find shelter in. He/it/whatever-it-is rips buildings off their foundations, shakes them around and punches holes in them all while you’re inside. During all this chaos, you’re being pelted with a barrage of bullets, lasers and fireballs too. It’s classic button-mashing, frantic goodness.

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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
is now available

Back in July, Project Giana started out as a Kickstarter project from Black Forest Games. Within a few short months, Giana Sisters is now one of the first successful games to get funded, make it out of development and come to life.

Giana Sisters takes old school platformer mechanics and throws in some amazing graphics with a few twists. It’s the successor of a 1987 platformer called The Great Giana Sisters. The original game was strikingly similar to Super Mario Bros which led Nintendo to squash the game, having it pulled from store shelves. Of course this got a lot of attention making it both popular and rare. Seriously, check out this screenshot, no wonder Nintendo was pissed.

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Halo goes Retro:
Pixel Force Demake

If you love playing Halo but are tired of that first-person perspective and fancy graphics, Eric Ruth developed a free-to-play, 8-bit Demake. It’s an old style platformer that has Master Chief running, jumping and shooting his way through famous locations of the game. There are boss battles, power-ups and you can even drive the Warthog.

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Man vs The World:
Shoot ’em Up with Style

Man, I miss the old side-scrolling shoot’em up games; Gradius, Dragon Spirit, Forgotten Worlds. There’s an art form to mashing buttons while frantically dodging hundreds of bullets on the screen. One also needs the willpower to resist the often seizure-inducing, flickery goodness of the explosions and boss battles.

We don’t see much of these games anymore. But, the students over at DigiPen are reviving the genre with Mann vs The World. This is not your average Shoot’em Up either.

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