Primordia: Adventure Game with No Humanity

A new Adventure game is on the post-apocalyptic horizon. Primordia is set in a future populated by sentient machines where humans are extinct and are the stuff of legend. You play as Horatio Nullbuilt, anti-social robot (image that) who becomes involved in a journey of discovering his origins and what happened to humanity.

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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
is now available

Back in July, Project Giana started out as a Kickstarter project from Black Forest Games. Within a few short months, Giana Sisters is now one of the first successful games to get funded, make it out of development and come to life.

Giana Sisters takes old school platformer mechanics and throws in some amazing graphics with a few twists. It’s the successor of a 1987 platformer called The Great Giana Sisters. The original game was strikingly similar to Super Mario Bros which led Nintendo to squash the game, having it pulled from store shelves. Of course this got a lot of attention making it both popular and rare. Seriously, check out this screenshot, no wonder Nintendo was pissed.

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No Birdie No! Hang in there.

No Birdie No! is one of those simple little addictive games. 4 buttons are the only controls used to defend your digits from an evil little yellow bird. The A,S, D, and F keys control your corresponding fingers on both hands…”A” for the pinky and so forth. Releasing a key releases a finger’s grip from the cliff you’re desperately clinging to but doing so protects said finger from the ferocious pecking of the little fowl. There’s no winning the game and you will inevitably fall to your death. It’s just a matter of time and timing, earning points for a longer you hang.

Its a free-to-play, browser game that can be played here.


DayZ Standalone:
Undead Interior Design

Rocket posted on the DayZ Development Blog today that his team is hard at work fleshing out interiors on ALL the buildings in Chernarus for the standalone version of the game. That’s a lot of buildings. I wonder if this will include the Chernogorsk International Hotel. That thing is large enough to have it’s own damn game.

I love the idea but so many buildings can have a very negative effect on the zombie threat. Interiors bring those tear-assing undead to a mere shamble and more buildings mean more ways to shake the poor bastards. I hope there are plans for zombie behavior enhancement in the future to compensate for this.

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Project Eternity: Classic RPG with a Shiny New Candy Shell

Obsidian Entertainment has decided to go on their own to make an RPG the way they want. These guys know what they’re doing too, being the creative minds behind such games as Fallout 1 & 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Icewind Dale, Temple of Elemental Evil, Knights of the Old Republic, Arcanum, and Planescape: Torment. Project Eternity has some serious potential. I’m excited to see that they’ve not only met their Kickstarter goal but they’ve nearly tripled it as of today.

Project Eternity will be an isometric, party-based RPG bringing back the old days of the genre with rich storytelling and memorable party members. Basically a combination of all the best parts of the above mentioned games.

We only have the above screenshot to go on but it looks beautiful.

Check out Obsidian’s Kickstarter Page for the latest.

Gorogoa: Tile Me Some Surreal

Gorogoa is the Winner of the IndieCade 2012 Visual Design Award and it’s well deserved. The puzzle game plays like interactive art consisting of beautifully hand drawn tiles that you have to rearrange and stack to solve. Clicking on areas of a tile can trigger animations that delve deeper into the particular tile’s world. It gets surreal as unrelated tiles merge and open up into new imagery to explore.

Here watch the video to get the idea:
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A New Zero: All FPS, No Animation

Here’s an interesting concept. What would a first person shooter look like if it had no animations? Well, pretty fun actually. A New Zero is an Indie game being developed by one-man-wolfpack, Crytic Sea and uses no pre-made animation code. All movement and “animation” in the game is created exclusively by physics. Actually, everything in the game is procedurally generated at run-time making the game incredibly small…like 1MB small.

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