Ridiculous Glitch – Free, Trippy Flappy Bird Clone


Here’s a trippy, seizure-inducing nod to the Flappy bird trend. Ridiculous Glitching — the name sums it up — takes some liberties with Pac-Man graphics and throws in chiptune-y techno. There’s only one control while you dodge mustached ghosts and grab cherries. It’s simple but damn addicting. I got a score of 14…some crazy bastard has the high score of 206.

Play It Online Here!

Not Pacman is Not Not Awesome

Not Pacman is a free, indie game by StabYourself.net. It bears a whole lot of semblance to its namesake for being called “Not Pacman”. To be fair, you do not directly control Pacman, the ghosts do not chase you and the maze is not stationary but that’s about the extend of the differences. The gameplay is reminiscent to one of those old wooden Labyrinth games where you’re at the mercy of gravity and inertia.

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Over 300 Free To Play Dos Games

Wow, RGBClassicGames.com has over 300 old-school Dos games currently available and free-to-play via browser (Java). That’s a lot of friggin games. These little gems of yore are shareware, freeware or abandonware that the fine people at RGB Classic Games want to preserve for future generations to enjoy. I just experienced some serious flashbacks.

Sure, there are some obscure ones in there but you can also play some retired all-stars like: Doom, Star Wars: Dark Forces, Wolfenstein, Sam and Max, Earthworm Jim, and Mega Man X to name a few.

Check it out!

Planetside 2 is now available

Sony Online Entertainment’s free-to-play, MMOFPS is now available for download. Get it here.

Planetside 2 is a massive, Sci-Fi warfare MMO that features huge battles between 3 different factions. You can choose from 6 different character classes, each with multiple progression trees and two specializations. You also get a variety of weapons and air and land vehicles.

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No Birdie No! Hang in there.

No Birdie No! is one of those simple little addictive games. 4 buttons are the only controls used to defend your digits from an evil little yellow bird. The A,S, D, and F keys control your corresponding fingers on both hands…”A” for the pinky and so forth. Releasing a key releases a finger’s grip from the cliff you’re desperately clinging to but doing so protects said finger from the ferocious pecking of the little fowl. There’s no winning the game and you will inevitably fall to your death. It’s just a matter of time and timing, earning points for a longer you hang.

Its a free-to-play, browser game that can be played here.


A New Zero: All FPS, No Animation

Here’s an interesting concept. What would a first person shooter look like if it had no animations? Well, pretty fun actually. A New Zero is an Indie game being developed by one-man-wolfpack, Crytic Sea and uses no pre-made animation code. All movement and “animation” in the game is created exclusively by physics. Actually, everything in the game is procedurally generated at run-time making the game incredibly small…like 1MB small.

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