Far Cry 4 Reveal and Gameplay Videos

BigPic-Farcry4-elephantsFar Cry 4 is coming. Now we have some videos to check out. I’m digging the new mountain setting that adds a whole vertical element to the game. Thankfully, they added a grappling hook so you can’t get stuck trying to go up where you think you can go up. This pissed me off in Far Cry 3, especially when being chased by a bunch of guys armed with assault rifles. Elephants are the new tigers. Except they’re bigger..and badder and clear entire camps. Vehicles are all the more fun with drive-and-shoot and driving takedown abilities so you’re no longer a restricted to just driving while driving. Looking damn good.

Check out the vids.
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Far Cry 4 Announced!

Far Cry 4

Ubisoft has announced Far Cry 4 coming this November. Damn, I didn’t even finish Far Cry 3 yet. Above is one of the first images. This time you’re in the Himalayas facing a “despotic self-appointed king” who happens to look like a Swedish swinger. I betcha he has a German accent.

I’m sure Ubisoft will be releasing more info soon on their blog.

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, the 4th DLC for Borderlands 2, is coming June 25th and it’s looking like the best one so far. To change things up, you character is actually playing a Dungeons & Dragons table-top style game with Tiny Tina as the Dungeon Master. She narrates the game just as a Dungeon Master would except that she’s not a very good at it. As the game progresses she’ll make mistakes and the surroundings dynamically change to accommodate her changes. Nice Touch.

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Wolfenstein: The New Order – Annoucement Trailer

Let's see some Mecha-Hitler
So what if the Nazis won World War II? Evidentially, they’d create giant evil Nazi robots. Why not. Bethesda is bringing back the Fuhrer-bashing Franchise in Wolfenstein: The New Order. We’ll be reprising the role of William “B.J.” Blazkowicz, the series protagonist and lone hero of the world as he battles through an alternate 1960’s Nazi-ruled earth.

I better see some Mecha-Hitler…

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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – Like Totally Radical

On April 1st, Ubisoft announced a complete overhaul, stand-alone expansion for Far Cry 3 called Blood Dragon and it bears no semblance to the Far Cry series. It’s an 80’s retro-vision of the future complete with synthesizers, neon lasers, Chrome lettering and cyberspace grids. As the plot goes, you play Sergeant Rex Power Colt — voiced by Michael Biehn, the good guy from Terminator — who has to save the world from a cyborg army called Omega Force. Oh yeah, and there are giant Blood Dragons that shoot lasers from their eyes. Seriously.

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Krieg is Coming – Borderland 2’s Sixth Vault Hunter

At the Pax East Panel, Gearbox announced more information on the upcoming DLC and 6th playable Vault Hunter. His name is Krieg, he’s a Psycho melee class and his special ability involves bashing people with his Buzz Axe. The axe can be thrown too for hard to reach victims.

As with other Vault Hunters, he comes with 3 Skill Trees. These are BloodLust – gives you boosts as you deal damage, Mania – increases your damage when you take damage, and Hellborn – involves fire damage and setting yourself on fire.

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6th Playable Vault Hunter coming to new Borderlands 2 DLC

Oh damn. The next Borderlands DLC looks like it will include a 6th playable Vault Hunter. A poorly captured and woefully short teaser trailer during SXSW mentions an “experiment that escaped”, “bandits beware” and “new vault hunter”. We see a silhouette of what possibly could be a new melee character along the lines of Brick. I miss playing Brick.

See the video here:
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