Teleglitch is Hella Good

Teleglitch old school shooting
Teleglitch is a top-down, sci-fi, roguelike shooter that features procedurally generated levels, pixelated retro graphics and of course perma-death. “WASD” controls your movement and aiming is done independently via mouse similar to the old games of Robotron and Smash TV. There are 20+ upgradable weapons to keep things interesting too.

The most distinctive feature of Teleglitch is the way it handles visibility. You only see what’s in your vicinity and a dynamic cone of view as you pass doorways and openings. Everything else is blackness, even areas you just came from.

Although I wouldn’t categorize it as survival horror, the limited visibility and perma-death creates some serious anxiety. Moments of sheer panic kick in as you backpedal out of a room filled with more enemies than there are bullets in your gun. Personally, I have very bad ammo management skills so I often find myself running around manically while swarms of assailants chase and eventually beat me to death. Hours of fun. Seriously.

Here’s a video of the action:

You can expect around 10+ hours of game time but it’s only $13. A Free Demo can be downloaded here:

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