Slender: The Arrival – Beta Footage is looking rather Slim

The tall, lanky antagonist isn’t the only thing slender in Blue Isle Studio’s gameplay video. I don’t see much to do beyond stumbling around the woods with a flashlight in search of letters. Hopefully it’s a bit more involved, otherwise this is technically a walkthrough, not a demo.

Yes, I understand it’s a $10 game that you can get for $5 with a Beta purchase so I don’t expect Skyrim-worthy 60+ hours of gameplay, but I’m sorry, the stationary, faceless villain just doesn’t do it for me. I have to admit the sound effects are unnerving and video “interference” adds a nice touch to the creepy atmosphere.

See for yourself, here’s the video:

If you like freaking yourself out, get your copy here:

By the way, did you know that the Slender Man myth began as part of a photo editing contest on the Something Awful Forums to create fake paranormal images? I guess Victor Surge won. Unfortunately, the photos are broken now but I believe this is one of the originals:

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