Slave to God: Hold On To Your Glow Sticks…

Several questions came to mind as I played this game — Where am I?, What’s with all these colors?, Did I just pee on something? — which happen to be similar questions I’ve asked myself when thoroughly thrashed at a club.

Slave to God, a free indie game created by Increpare Games, does a great job of simulating something I don’t understand. There’s barely any information beyond the keyboard mapping of movement, jumping and 3 fire buttons that I haven’t figured out beyond allowing me to pee in a urinal…i think. Deciphering what you’re actually looking at and navigating around a world of spiraling colors and thumping background music makes for entertaining game. It’s somewhat short though, at least I think it is. Did I beat it? What the hell just happened?

Download the game here and check out the game’s site at:

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