Planet Explorers:
No Blocks here.

I have to give Pathea Games, the indie studio behind Planet Explorers, props for releasing a free-to-play alpha v0.1 build with so much already in place. It’s got some great graphics, a huge terraform-able (is that a word?) world, and a working crafting system. Oh, and big ass, ten-eyed, turtlesaurus things.

The game takes place on an alien planet that you’ve recently become an unwilling resident of. You need to explore, gather, and craft to survive as well as defend yourself from the local wildlife. The flora and fauna in this game really capture that crazy-alien-planet look with a surreal and somewhat cartoony textures. I hear there’s a storyline too but I’ve been too busy screwing around and digging holes.

There are no blocks around here by the way. As you dig, the ground dents and bends and everything your construct has a rounded edge to it. It’s a welcome change from Minecraft’s simplistic textures and cubes. Check out the video below for a tour of the current features.

This game has a lot of potential. Keep an eye on Pathea Games website to for the lastest.

The game can be downloaded here, if you want to check it out. Remember it’s in Alpha so cut them some slack.

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No Blocks here.

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