Oh my Godus

Peter Molyneux and his indie company 22cans have started a Kickstarter Project for their next game, Godus, a spiritual successor to the 23-year-old Populous. Godus will be a god game with all the best omnipotent parts of Populous updated with today’s technology like 3d graphics and multiplayer and ipad support.

Unfortunately, like most Kickstarter games, there’s not much more information currently about it. Here’s a video from 22cans:

In case you haven’t heard of Populous, it was the first God game that started the genre. Back in 1989, this game was ground-breaking and became an instant hit. It spawned several sequels and was released on multiple platforms including the Amiga, DOS, Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, Super NES, and Turbo Grafx 16 to name a few. You played a god tasked with building and managing a civilization – influencing them to build or fight and smiting the non-believers with divine powers such as earthquakes and tornadoes. It’s still a fun game to play if you can get past the graphics. You can get it at Gog.com.

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