MolyJam: Molyduex and Molyneux

Just to clear things up.

Peter Molyduex is a parody personality of the great game designer, Peter Molyneux. He tends to tweet crazy game ideas on his Twitter account.

Double Fine’s Anna Kipnis thought there should be a game jam based on these tweets and MolyJam came to be.

MolyJam went down in Brighton and San Francisco on March 31 and April 1. Hundreds of mostly crazy, experimental games were made and they’re all available and free to play at: Unfortunately, the state of these games is currently up in the air. There were some server issues in May that caused the demise of several game files. As of this post there are 28 of 120 lost game files recovered.

What type of games are there? Here’s a few:

Every Night I Dream I’m Better – A game about a sick boy in a hospital room.

Based on the quote: “Visualize an open world game set in a white box. During the night you dream and can place elements from your dream into the blank world

You are The Road – An emotional racing game where you play the road.

Based on the quote: “Have you ever played a racing game and wanted to play as the road rather than the cars? I know I haveā€¦

Dead Balls – Bowling with zombie pins.

Based on the quote: “Survival Horror combined with Bowling

There are some fun games in there and some not-so-fun ones as well, but its definitely worth a dig through.


Who is Peter Molynuex?

I might have to slap you. He’s an awesome game designer and the creator of god games. In the very first one, Populous, you grow a small civilization by directing its people, controlling the land and performing miracles. He made Dungeon Keeper where you’re the evil owner of the dungeon instead of the hero, and Back & White which is similar to Populous except that you have giant titan-beast you have to train. You may have heard of a few other games he’s made: Syndicate, Theme Park, Magic Carpet, The Movies, the Fable series.

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