Man vs The World:
Shoot ’em Up with Style

Man, I miss the old side-scrolling shoot’em up games; Gradius, Dragon Spirit, Forgotten Worlds. There’s an art form to mashing buttons while frantically dodging hundreds of bullets on the screen. One also needs the willpower to resist the often seizure-inducing, flickery goodness of the explosions and boss battles.

We don’t see much of these games anymore. But, the students over at DigiPen are reviving the genre with Mann vs The World. This is not your average Shoot’em Up either.

You play Mann Lee Gunns and with a name like that, you better be a bad ass. How bad ass? How about being able to leap out of your ship and take over enemy aircraft right in the middle of the firefights. Or you can just run across ship to ship like a mid-air platformer. This adds a whole new level of play and looks fun as hell.

Check out for the latest info.

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