Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
is now available

Back in July, Project Giana started out as a Kickstarter project from Black Forest Games. Within a few short months, Giana Sisters is now one of the first successful games to get funded, make it out of development and come to life.

Giana Sisters takes old school platformer mechanics and throws in some amazing graphics with a few twists. It’s the successor of a 1987 platformer called The Great Giana Sisters. The original game was strikingly similar to Super Mario Bros which led Nintendo to squash the game, having it pulled from store shelves. Of course this got a lot of attention making it both popular and rare. Seriously, check out this screenshot, no wonder Nintendo was pissed.

It’s nice to see that the new game bears little resemblance to the Mario franchise. You play as either of the sisters and switch between the two whenever you want. Each sister has her own unique abilities to help you navigate through the levels. The transition is one of the most impressive things I’ve seen in a game. When you change sisters, you also change the whole world around you. The level will go from sunny and flowery to dark and rotting. This transition isn’t a quick flash either. The entire level morphs, bounces and warps. Flowers wilt, trees gnarl and everything sort of deflates as you enter the dark realm. Switch back to the bright side and the level happily bounces back to life as plants blossom and trees smile again. Trippy.

Here’s a video of the gameplay with the transitions in action:

Do you like it? Get it on for $13.49.

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