Descent is Descending to the Unreal Engine 3

Descent is the only game that ever gave me motion sickness. Now it looks like it’s coming back in another attempt to free the contents of my stomach. It’s currently a one-man, fan-based UDK project with ambitious plans to port the old game and original campaign to the Unreal Engine 3.

Descent was a ground-breaking game back it the day. It was the first FPS to feature “six degrees of freedom” and no gravity. You could fly up, down, left and right, as well as rotate left and right. Since there was no real up or down, this created some disorienting where-the-hell-am-I moments. With all the spinning and banking, nausea was inevitable.

Here’s a video featuring the new scenery with some polygon-impaired robots. The enemies have yet to be recreated so the original guys are hanging out as placeholders. I’m already feeling nauseous:

Check out the guy’s website for the lastest info on the port.

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