Chaos Chronicles: Bringing Hexy Back

Them other games don’t know how to act. A new turn-based Strategy RPG is on the horizon. Chaos Chronicles by indie developer Coreplay is coming in 2013. Coreplay wants to revive the old school RPG game style with today’s graphics. They’re pulling inspiration from some true classics such as Phantasie, Pool of Radiance, Ultima, Wizardry, and Bard’s Tale. The game features hex tiles too which are always more fun than plain old squares.

The graphics and gameplay look good but with no prior games under their belt I do have concerns about such things as level design, story line, character progression and all those others that make an RPG great. They have their work cut out for them with some heavy hitters coming, such as Project Eternity.

Here’s a link to Coreplay’s website for the latest and greatest:

Check out the gameplay trailer:

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