Big Ass Boss of the Day:
MACE, Intrusion 2

Spoiler… This is actually the final boss of the game.

Intrusion 2 is created by indie developer Aleksey Abramenko. It’s a platformer game reminiscent of the Metal Slug series. The final boss is huge and features a battle that you don’t see in many games. I don’t recall ever playing a game where the boss bites a level apart in an attempt to get to you. MACE attacks you and any architecture you find shelter in. He/it/whatever-it-is rips buildings off their foundations, shakes them around and punches holes in them all while you’re inside. During all this chaos, you’re being pelted with a barrage of bullets, lasers and fireballs too. It’s classic button-mashing, frantic goodness.

Wanna try the game out? Check out the online demo at:

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