Why are people such cry babies?

WARNING: May contain minor spoilers…..

I recently finished Mass Effect 3 and feel that the game was better than I expected.  I read a bunch of poor reviews before playing it and had a terrible dilemma about whether to buy it or not.  I am so glad that I did.  The game blew me away as one of the finest examples of sci-fi RPG’s.  I do have some issues with the ending because it was over just like that.  I however stay on the side of the fence that likes the game as a whole.  And because I respect Bioware and really love their games I forgive them for having given me 100’s of hours of play through ME1 to ME3 and then end it in a matter of 5 minutes.

Some of the reviews I have seen get pretty crazy but most seem to revolve around the theme that your decisions in the first two games amount to nothing because you get one of three endings no matter what you do.  Seriously, shut up.  First off you DO have a choice to how the game ends.  You get three choices and depending on how you played the game you have some serious decisions to make.  I’d have liked to see more about how those decisions affect the ME universe.  Though I have heard Bioware will be releasing a longer “look at what happened” DLC or some such crap this summer.  I’m sure I’ll get those answers soon as will the rest of the sad critics.

Also your choices from the first two games are evident throughout the entire play through of ME3.  You see it everywhere you go.  You do get to see all the characters you know from the games both 1 and 2 (that survived).  I wish that more of those encounters took place elsewhere in the galaxy but seeing as the citadel was the last bastion of hope for the universe it goes to say that most of the encounters happen there.  It was cool to see how some of those characters ended up right smack in the middle of the major storyline.

I was so stoked that Tali’Zorah (nar Rayya/vas Neema/vas Normandy/vas Rannoch) and Garrus Vakarian were with you all the way again.  I love the quarians and the whole background story they have.  Having Tali on all three expeditions of the Normandy was just the right thing to do.  I’m not sure if she can die in ME2 but if so that would suck it as she’s my favorite character.  I wish you could get Shepard to mate with her and make bastard quarian/human brats.  How awesome would that be.  Garrus was also a great returning character and I was glad to have him again but I am pissed that they had no female turians in the game.  I know they serve in the military so you should see one, no?  I made my Shepard get it on with Liara T’Soni in the first one and by the third game took the steps to stay with her.  But she just kind of blows you off the whole time so I ended up going lesbian style (female Shepard) on the new yeoman Samantha Traynor.  Later Liara makes a comment about you playing games.   It was funny she even said that but that’s it.  No catfight and certainly no three way (Lame!!).  I want more drama in my sci-fi drama.

I thought it was so sad how everyone just bashed Bioware for the choice they made to end their game the way they did.  I would hate to think that they could have changed it just because some whiny people didn’t like it.  And I’m so glad they are keeping it as is.  It’s their baby they deserve to do whatever they want with it.  I had a blast playing all three games and hope they explore more of their universe in some new and fun ways.  Maybe they will turn Mass Effect into an MMO and have some Quarian/human mix breed bastard killers to play as a character.  So sweet.

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