Deadnarwhal’s Skyrim Mod List

I have had about a month now to play around with mods on Skyrim and have gotten a pretty good feel for how they work. I often read comments from the console players on how its unfair how they can’t use mods to enhance their Skyrim experience. I was in that same boat for a long time. And for about the same length of time I couldn’t wait to get a computer that could run a Bethesda game. I know now that to try and run a mod on consoles would be an utter waste of time. Several things would happen on a Xbox or Ps3 modded version of Skyrim but actually playing it would not be one of them.

It’s a trial and error process from the get go. Every time I play Skyrim in the state I have it in I know it could be the last time. Lets face it we have come a long way since Morrowind. And the modding community has also grown by leaps and bounds. Trying to upgrade Morrowind is a completely different beast than attempting to upgrade Skyrim. Anyone who has done both will most likely agree. I just don’t understand computers enough to completely get what I am doing to the program when I add a new mod. I do know enough to use a process of elimination if things go bad. And that knowledge alone has helped me in my quest to conquer Tamriel. Had I not had a basic understanding of how a computer works I would have had to quit modding a long time ago. It’s tough but the rewards are worth the weight in stress and sweat that comes from the efforts of getting it to work.

Right now I am running 54 mods. Most of them are of a graphic enhancing aspect. Whether it be a better looking female or a complete graphics overhaul. Those are by far my favorite but they also stress my system the most. I am running two Nvidia GTI 560’s with 16 gigs of ram and I still get issues with lag from time to time. I actually had to downgrade from “ultra” graphics setting down to “high” because of a drop in framerate. Right now my game is running great. I have had a few issues here and there but have been able to fix them. I repeat that although I have a basic understanding of how a computer works, it’s that understanding that helped me through the bugs. If a computer is Greek to you, you shouldn’t mod.

Ok so now with the fun stuff. I have a blast running through Tamriel as a Drow from Dungeons and Dragons, that mod was made by Zamriel and can be found at He put a lot of work into this concept right down to a background story of why Drow would be in this world. It’s not the first Drow mod, but it is definitely my favorite. Others were made from the dark elf and just look like Skyrim dark elves that have darker skin, but Zamriel did a great job of creating a whole new look. To go with the spider worshiping race is another mod that adds a spider to your summonable or companion (or both, yes you can have two at once) that was made by Angelmeats. This guy put a lot of work into this creation and has listened to many of the requests and complaints over the months it’s been up. He also is working on making a mountable spider, so cool.

This list goes on and on and I am happy with how well everything has been going so far. here is a list of all the mods I am using:

Weapons and Armor and Spells Mods
Apocalypse Spell Package
Arise – Chapter 1 – The Black Sacrament
Arrows of Magicka
Ashara Princess of the Woods for UNP
Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE- * Adult Content
Daedric female armor replacer
JaySuS Swords
R18Pn 02 – Leere Armor for UNP and CBBE V3
Remodeled Armor CBBEv3M * Adult Content
Triss Armor Retextured
Vicky Armor Set – UNP Mashup
Weapons and Armor Fixes

Gameplay Mods
Auto Unequip Ammo
Better Sorting
Complete Crafting Overhaul
Duel – Combat Realism
FSS – Better Bards
No NPC Greetings
Realistic Ragdolls and Force
Smithing Perks Overhaul
Trainer Gold Exploit Fix
Unofficial Skyrim Patch

Textures and Graphics and Animations Mods
Better Delphine
Crimson Tide – Blood
Cute Lydia
Detailed Faces v2
Feminine Running and New Dash Animation
Improved NPC Clothing – High Res
No More Blocky Faces
Straight hair retexture
The New Mjoll by Bean

World Mods
A Quality World Map – With Roads
Beautiful Riften
Better Villages
Everyone Get Inside – Dragon Attack – Beta
Skyrim Flora Overhaul
Skyrim Realistic Overhaul
Static Mesh Improvement Mod – SMIM

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask. I may not be the most knowledgeable on all this stuff but I do have some experience now.

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