How I feel about all this Skyrim and mods and stuff.

Skyrim Mods and StuffA Dummy Like Me Has No Reason to Mod

Skyrim! I hate this game. I love this game. It’s just not worth playing without mods in my opinion. I tried, I really did. But it was so boring to me that I had to give up. That was before I bought a good computer that could handle all sorts of modern games. Playing Skyrim on my PS3 was embarrassing. Bethesda dumped some buggy crap on the PS3 community. Then don’t get me started on the 360 version I tried. That was also a lesson in futility but it worked a little better. The bottom line is that vanilla Skyrim is a boring game. It really is. I tried it over and over and I just lose interest at about level 50 no matter where I am in the main quest. The combat is a joke. What good is stamina when it does nothing for you until it’s all gone? It would be a problem if you never got any extra stamina from the beginning and you ran out of it all the time like you do at level one. But by level 40 you really don’t need to worry about it. And that is just one aspect of the game. You all know that there are 1000’s of aspects to Skyrim.

So we just established that vanilla Skyrim is boring, it’s made for main stream gamers. It’s just not made for people who love RPG’s, at least what RPG’s used to be. Morrowind was Bethesda’s best game hands down, so we need to fix Skyrim now right? Thank god Bethesda is cool enough to release the creation kit, and even before that they still allowed the game to be taken apart by adventurous scripter’s. But for all that what we get in the end is too many choices to fix a sub-par game. And sometimes it’s too confusing. And other times your in the dark as to why shit just went south on your game after 100s of hours of game play. This is the joys and woes of modding. I am going to tell you a story about a guy (me) who loves his modded version of skyrim, but is a dummy when it comes to the bigger picture. This guy often adds mods, hardly ever removes any, but ultimately should just quit while he is ahead.

Let me just give you a run down of what I am doing with the game. I am at this moment running 152 plug-ins that’s about 142 more than I have running for Fallout 3. I tend not to use any that give better graphics. I would rather have more fun playing the game than saying “wow that flower is pretty” I do enhance the NPCs and some other stuff. But the world of Skyrim I pretty much leave as vanilla as possible because the PC version isn’t that bad looking (It’s not great, but not bad). As for all my other plug-ins, most are game changing, a lot are additions like weapons and armors. My main reason for playing Skyrim right now is using “SkyRe”. That’s Skyrim Redone and it is a perk overhaul at it’s most basic, but it changes more than that. Way more than that.

here, look for yourself:

Don’t even try and use this mod without reading up on it. The author T3ndo went to a lot of trouble to make a great PDF file and it’s very informative, here:

You can also do yourself a huge favor by watching Gopher’s video (yeah the same Gopher who makes all those “how to” videos for Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas) he has over 60 videos on different mods and how to install and what to expect from them. But I started with his SkyRe video. Now he may not have updated it since SkyRe 1.1 came out (it’s currently at 1.2 now) I mention this because he shows you how to add an ini file for Ely’s community uncapper that is a separate mod file that was found on the SkyRe download page. It’s now added into the main SkyRe plug-in so the extra file is no longer needed. Gopher does a good job of updating videos so he may already have fixed it. It’s a need to know basis at this point.

After I added all that SkyRe is and the few mods that I wanted to add with it, like the Reproccer and Balbors patch and the immersive weapons and immersive armors mod I started going crazy with more. At the end I will attempt to give a spread sheet of everything I’ve got running, where to get it, if I used the Nexus mod manager or just dropped it in the data folder and any other pertinent info. I already started it and that alone is a chore.

I use Wrye Bash ( to make a bash patch. I also use TESVedit to clean my mods of dirty edits and this program is great for load order errors. It will tell you if you messed up. Please read all of what the authors of these 2 programs have to say as it may save you a lot of grief in the long run. I still get my share of grief and have been using these programs for a while now. You have been warned if you are taking me seriously. God there is so much crap to get out of the way that writing this is like a freaking puzzle.

Well the reason I am even writing this is because I wanted to hopefully help at least one person with avoiding problems, or at the least help them foresee potential problems. I have said in other articles I wrote on this subject, that modding is a hit or miss thing. One day Skyrim is as fun and exciting as I want it to be. The next day I have to spend 3 hours trying to find out what went wrong. One thing I figured that is bad is to have a TESVedit patch in game and then leave it out of future saves. Meaning I erased it for one reason or another and played for 3 hours and realized some of my mods stopped working properly. It may have nothing to do with that but it’s just too coincidental. Another thing I need to find out is should I patch my game with TESVedit, then patch it with wrye bash then use the reproccer? What order do I have those in. Right now I have my bashed patch on my reproccer block list (as it should be) and I have it in this order. *edit*I do not use the TESVedit merge patch anymore, I just left it out when I reloaded the entirety of all my mods and Skyrim.

bashpatch, 0.esp

I could be wrong, but on the reproccer page it has the bash patch first in load order, then I just patch it all (except the bash patch I leave that out) with the TESVedit. If you are reading this and you know I am wrong, please tell me. I would love to know. One day I will make the proper inquiries but I am a lazy dummy. Yeah so that’s where I am at with this issue. Today I decided as well to erase my Skyrim game and reinstall it so I can have a fresh install of all my mods. It helps as I remove and add mods the scripts get changedand things start to go bad sometimes, real bad. I am sure this happens to the best of the modders out there. I mean if you keep dumping stuff into your game that changes the game your going to figure that things wont always work as expected. Especially when you have around 150 plugins. ALWAYS BACK-UP YOUR SAVES!!!!!

So where does that leave my game? How is it compared to vanilla Skyrim?

As I said, vanilla Skyrim just gets boring. Some of the players out there love it. Me being an RPG enthusiast will argue that games like Skyrim and Diablo 3 fall short on the way from being a true RPG. Skyrim is more like one though, don’t get me started on that farce of a game Diablo 3. Diablo 2 was way better, plus it had Brom’s artwork on the cover. Win/win yeah? Ok so my list of 10 MUST have mods goes as this. I’ll give the website addresses here but they will be on my spreadsheet with all my other mods in use as well (which will come soon, sorry I am a lazy bastard).

SKSE: this is a must have, you really can’t use most mods without it. It’s the most basic thing you will need to start your modding adventure. Please understand a lot of mods don’t need it but most of the best do. This mod is not so much a mod than just a script extending program. Any mod that adds scripts will run off this (I could be wrong about ANY mod with script changes, but trust me you need it, you really do).

SkyRe (Skyrim Redone): This mod, as I have so enthusiastically stated, is at its core a perk tree overhaul. But that’s just the meat as the rest of the game is also updated. All changes are based on different plug-ins. So you don’t need the change to the races or standing stones or combat. Also the reproccer and Balbor and Steelsouls SkyRe ReProccer Project go with it. It doesn’t have to but your not allowing the game to run properly with out those 2 additional mods.

Frostfall: Camping, freezing to death, stamina loss for swimming in freezing water, death from exposure. Oh fuck yeah. Let me count the ways to die….

Project Reality climates of Tamriel: A weather overhaul that makes frostfall all the more wicked.

Immersive Armors and Armonizor: 2 HUGE armor mods. Just one adds 8 tons of new armor. Add both and BAM 16 tons (might even be 16.5 tons) of new armors to wear and peel off dead guys.

Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE-: I use this with the slim version. I like small breasts and big butts. So all my skyrim women now have that. Yikes they are so very anatomically correct. No children please. There is a rated pg-13 version available and on Steam Workshop thats the only version you can get.

Dragon Combat Overhaul: Forget about the name for a second and just go read the guys nexus page. You will want the mod for that alone. Second comes that fact that dragons become badass. I just got done fighting one a few minutes ago, the fight lasted 20 minutes and I was hiding for most of it. Don’t get me wrong, that was a fun fight, but I would have died 15 times otherwise.

” target=”_blank”>Immersive Weapons: Same author for the armor mod, only now we get a couple of tons of weapons that kill.

Convenient Horses: What my companions get a horse? What I can use my horse a pack animal? Wait it can be set to NOT attack every gods forsaken animal and creature in Tamriel? WHAT!! there is a hot key so I can talk to NPC’s and forage for butterfly wings and the like without getting off my hairy sweating beast? Oh yeah!! Plus it has an MCM menu through SkyUI. How sweet is that crap?

Man I forgot SkyUI: Just go to the nexus page and read why you need it and why you want it.

Interesting NPC’s: Please use this if you can. It’s the best damn mod EVER. In my opinion anyway.

Wow there are so many more than just 10 (or 11). I should do a top 30 but I’m done typing. To follow: spread sheet for all my mods. Hope to see you soon.


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