Gaming doesn’t always make sense.

Playing Skyrim can get a little ridiculous at times.  I’ve put a lot of hours into the game but have yet to finish it.  I am a console player too so when I bought it for my Ps3 I wasn’t prepared to get the list of shit that came with it.  I eventually stopped playing it for several reasons.  Besides all the game breaking bugs the biggest was once you hit a certain level you seem to be all but invincible.  Okay now running around in GOD mode is cool in games.  But it gets so boring after about 20 minutes.  I remember hitting god-mode in Doom and liking the fact that the fat bastard blob thing can’t kill me now.  But the fact that the fat bastard blob thing normally handed me my ass made the game challenging and fun.  You kill him with skill not anything else.  Here I am running around skyrim killing dragons with 3 hits of a sword.  No skill just like I’m in god-mode.  Dude, that is so lame.

Yeah I can turn the difficulty up.  Yeah I can drop all the cool weapons and armor and use the weakest shit I can find.  And I have done that in New Vegas as I got tired of one shot killing my enemies.  So I was running around with a scoped varmint rifle just because it gave me a challenge.  It’s no fun having to ditch all those cool weapons you find throughout your 100’s of hours of play.  I’ve read some posts here and there that players seem to like the daemon prince power that comes with a high level character in a Bethesda game.  I get the most fun out of the first 10 levels of their games.  That’s when the skill points have to be thought out every step of the way.  Where you can make it easier to craft armor that will keep you alive longer or put that point into a weapon skill tree so you hit harder (…and ultimately live longer).  That’s always been my favorite part of most RPG games.

I recently found an x-box 360 version in my step dads collection.  After playing for a few days I’ve adopted a new style.  NO FAST TRAVEL.  I know that sounds lame but hear me out.  What a huge difference it makes when you have a choice to go chase down that new power across Tamriel or stick around where you’re at and pick up some closer quests.  Picking up loot takes on a whole new meaning for several reasons.  You have to horse (or walk) it all the way back to town to sell it.  And you really only want to take what’s vital.  As coming back to get what was left behind is way more of a hassle than ever before.  It’s makes the game take on an amazing dynamic as your calculating every thing you are going to do.  No more going to Riften to dump off some shit at the thieves guild then all the way over to solitude to rob the Winking Skeever for Delvin Mallory and run back real quick for that cash reward.  It’s gonna take you a LONG FUCKING time to get back.  So you better get your shit in order while your in Riften in the first place.  Anyway I suggest giving that a try as it makes for a pain in the ass but fun experience.

Then I noticed another thing after I looted a treasure chest from the bandit leader of some random place.  He had a journal explaining how he was hoarding loot for some big escape from the bandit life.  So hush hush on the info, as he doesn’t want his bro’s to know he is jetting town. The little fucker is skimming off the top of all the robberies they are committing.  According to the journal they are robbing a caravan or two a week.   Must be a huge amount of crap this guy has right?  Nope he has a HUGE stash consisting of a steel helmet and a dwarven war-hammer as well as 65 gold.  WTF is that?  I just got 400 gold for walking a bottle of Cyrodilic Brandy that had a face value of 100 gold from the town gates into the Blue Palace.  These bandits are obviously doing something wrong.  They must really like being poor as I found delivering goods makes you way richer than robbing whole caravans.  C’mon is this a joke Bethesda?  Lets have some more balance in your games.  It should really be the other way around.  High risk ventures should always have a higher reward.  I can kill 15 bandits for a hammer?  Or I can deliver a letter for a fortune.

I don’t know why I get so worked up about this.  I should just enjoy the game for what it is.  But it doesn’t make sense.  If I deal crack and rob banks I expect to be making a couple of grand a week at least.  I certainly don’t expect to be made rich from buying milk for my neighbor.  But Bethesda seems to think that’s the way the world turns.  I suppose it’s to be expected from them as they basically robbed every ps3 user of a decent adventure.  I’m the one suffering as I will be the one playing Skyrim tomorrow after work.

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