Free Games

Here’s an ever-growing collection of links to some of the best free games I’ve found on this big ole internet of ours.

Path of Exile – An awesome Action RPG that’s very similar to Diablo II & III and better in some ways. It includes six characters, tons of loot and the largest skill tree I’ve ever seen. That’s an amazing amount of content for a free game.


Everquest – One of the first MMORPG’s is now free-to-play. It ain’t pretty but it’s free.


Planetside 2 – Tired of fighting dragons, elves and trolls? How about massive, sci-fi battles with tanks, jets and big ass, robotic armor?


Star Wars: The Old Republic – If you like Star Wars, RPG’s and Free, this is the game for you.


Team Fortress 2 – It’s Free Now! Download it, shut up and play it. One of my favorite all time games.


Gang Garrison – An amazing Demake of Team Fortress 2. It’s a multiplayer platformer with all the classes from Team Fortress. All for free.


Dungeons & Dragons Online – It’s Dungeons and Dragons and it’s free. Do you need to know more?


Vindictus – A Free Online MultiPlayer RPG with 4 characters to choose from and some stellar graphics.


Bit of War – An 8-bit Demake of the God of War game.


Wasteland – The Grandfather of Post-Apocalyptic RPG games is now abandon-ware. You’re gonna need DosBox to play this thing.


Elder Scrolls: Arena – The first of the Elder Scrolls games. That’s right, before Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind, Battlespire, Redguard or Daggerfall, there was Arena. You may need DosBox to play this.

Here are some sites that offer a ton of free games: – Currently 300 + classic DOS games available to play online. There are some quality ones in there too like Doom, Wolfenstein, Sam and Max, and Earthworm Jim. – The retirement home of old, free PC games. There are some great ones in there after you dig through the ads. Sorry. – Play old Nintendo Entertainment System(NES) games online for free. – A huge archive of Commodore 64 games. You’ll need an emulator to play these. I recommend CCS64. It’s compatible with every version of Windows including Windows 7. – A Ton of Atari 2600 games that you can play online. Recapture that childhood nostalgia in all its 8-bit glory.