Retro-Cool: A Wooden Atari 2600 that’s Portable

Nothing says retro like a custom, wooden Atari 2600. This guy in Turkey, who goes by “retro_mood”, created a portable Atari 2600 that works with the old school cartridges and includes just about all the functionality of the original console. Plus, he added a pause function somehow. That wasn’t heard of back in the day kiddies.

The woodwork on this thing is impressive. The base has a nice grooved design to it and all the controls and display are edged in wood. Some of the buttons are even wooden.

Unfortunately, it’s going for over $1,200 on ebay. That’s a little too rich for my blood. I’ll dust off the bad boy who’s been resting in my closet for the past 30 years.

DIY for a lot less.If you feeling rather techie check out the below link on how to build your own portable Atari 2600. There’s a lot of good ole electronic work involved though.

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